Easy Being Green: How Plywood is Upgrading for a Modern, Eco-Friendly World

Progress may be slow, but the world gets more eco-friendly by the day.  Industries of many kinds are forced to follow society's moral lead by abandoning unsustainable practices, cutting carbon footprints and generally trying its best to reduce humanity's impact on the environment.  Whether these are actually ethical decisions or simply smart business moves is debatable; either way, the effect is that many products and services in a whole range of industries are having to change to move with the times. Read More 

Two reasons to replace your home’s old roof

If your roof is quite old and is starting to show visible signs of deterioration, it's worth hiring one of your local roofing contractors to replace it. Read on to find out why: It could make it easier for you to sell your home in the future If you plan to sell your current home at any point in the future, it might be a good idea to have the roof replaced. Read More 

Data Cabling: Determining Your Network Bandwidth Requirements

If you are planning on upgrading your commercial network with new data cabling, you must consider some factors before beginning the project. One of the most critical issues that you must address is the network bandwidth. In general, the bandwidth determines the amount of data which can be transmitted through the cabling at specified speeds. Without proper planning, you will end up with a network which cannot efficiently meet the needs of your commercial applications. Read More 

Factoring Security Into Your Shopfitting Plans

Planning the shop fittings of a new retail business is your chance to work out how best to show off your stock. For most people, this is where the planning is concentrated, since you want customers to have an easy time entering and navigating your shop, with goods presented in a logical manner that encourages buying. There's another piece of the profit-making puzzle that shouldn't be forgotten, however: security. Unfortunately, any retailer needs to face the fact that there are likely to be thefts from time to time. Read More 

Taking Stock: Why Your Landscaping Business Needs More than Just Catalogues

Working in landscaping, it's easy to forget exactly how big of a purchase your services are.  Most customers will only contract the services of a landscaper once or twice in their lives, if at all; as such, the decision-making process is serious business, and anything you can do to aid and encourage that is just good business . . . even if every client you've seen today has been trying to choose between the same two colours of slate for their project. Read More