4 Areas In Your Home That Need Protective Concrete Coating

Protective concrete coating increases the durability of your structures. This is because it ensures that the concrete is not exposed to weather elements which can weaken them. Modern protective coatings also enhance the aesthetics of your concrete structures which makes them attractive and presentable. Below are several areas in your home that need protective concrete coating. The roof Many people build houses with concrete slabs as the roof. While such roofs are quite presentable, they easily accumulate water during the rainy season. Read More 

Second Storey Extension: Three Crucial Guidelines on Planning for a Successful Project

If you are thinking about expanding your living space, you should consider installing a second storey on your current building. This option is favourable because you will minimise the need to utilise your outdoor space. Also, you will not experience any challenges related to zoning and maximum dwelling sizes from the local council. However, you should remember that adding a new floor is a significant construction process. Therefore, you must plan diligently before beginning the work. Read More 

Life In The Gutter: The Ins And Outs Of Removing Asbestos Cement Guttering From A Property

Many older buildings have a distinctive character sorely lacking in more modern, anodyne constructions, and purchasing old buildings for renovation or repurposing can be a very lucrative business. Unfortunately, dealing with older buildings also means dealing with older building materials, and one outdated building material stands out as being particuarly troublesome to deal with -- asbestos. Most people are aware of the severe health problems caused by long-term exposure to asbestos, and any building that was constructed during its heydey as an insulation material should be thoroughly inspected and cleaned of all asbestos traces. Read More 

Two tips for a fast and efficient renovation project

If you are hoping to have your home renovated and would like to ensure that the work is completed promptly and efficiently, here are a few tips which you may find useful. Move out for the duration of the project If your main priority is getting the renovations over and done with as quickly as possible, then it's worth moving out for the duration of the project. If you choose to remain in your home whilst the project is carried out, your contractor and their crew will have to accommodate you and your family's needs, instead of simply getting on with their work. Read More 

3 Ways a Customs Broker Can Help Your Business

If your business exports products around the globe or imports raw materials for manufacturing, it is likely that you frequently have to deal with customs in Australia or abroad. Trade laws can be very complicated which can mean that you have to spend a lot of time managing your imports and exports. One way of solving this problem is by hiring a customs broker. Below is a guide to 3 ways in which a customs broker can help your business. Read More