3 Styles You Could Consider for Your Garage Doors

Installing new garage doors can go a long way in increasing the kerb appeal of your property as these doors take up a considerable amount of space. Nonetheless, some homeowners will not pay much attention to what doors they buy when they need to replace their garage doors and merely base their decision on their budget rather than style.

Traditional garage doors that are characterised by having upward rolling horizontal panels may be the ubiquitous option, as these garage doors are cost-efficient and blend in with a majority of house styles. But these are not the only option that is available to you. Here is a short outline of the additional styles that you could consider when installing new garage doors.

Carriage style doors

This design is quite familiar to the western style carriage houses that used to be drawn on a horse and buggy. Their distinctive feature is two doors side-by-side that swing open from the centre. A presumption some people may have is that this classic style is exclusively manually operated, but technological advancements have allowed for automated operating systems that fold the doors in on themselves, making them a convenient option. Since the design of these doors is reminiscent of the old country, they are highly complementary to Victorian style homes.

Contemporary style doors

If modern designs characterise the style of your home and you are looking for something chic and sleek to match your aesthetic, contemporary style garage doors would be your best bet. These types of garage doors are characterised by being manufactured with avant-garde materials such as aluminium, fibreglass, tempered glass and more. Contemporary style doors may cost more than their other counterparts do, but they also significantly increase your property value too!

Raised panel style doors

Another favourite style for garage doors is raised panel design as these offer your both practicality and functionality. As implied by the name, these design of garage doors opens by lifting the horizontal panels, which roll into an overhead track. Raised panel style doors are especially great for properties with limited floor space, as the doors do not open outward. Thus, you do not have to factor in the operation of your garage doors when looking to install new doors. Additionally, this style of garage doors come in a myriad of materials and colours too! You, therefore, can be guaranteed that your doors would match the pre-existing appearance of your home.