Considerations When Hiring An Asphalt Company

Do you intend to build an asphalt driveway in your home? Well, if you do, you undoubtedly require the services of an asphalt company. However, finding a suitable company can be a nerve-wracking experience. Below is an article with some tips on how to choose an asphalt company

Safety Techniques

Safety is an essential concern when installing asphalt. Therefore, you would be interested in examining the safety precautions that the contractor will observe while at your site. For instance, they should inspect the site to identify risks such as underground gas or water lines. These installations could get damaged as the contractor excavates the driveway. As a rule, the contractor should barricade the site to prevent unauthorised access. Moreover, they should inspect the construction equipment to ensure it is in excellent condition. 

Installation Procedures

Minor oversights when installing asphalt will affect the durability of the driveway. Therefore, ask the contractor to explain how they will install the driveway. First, the contractor should assess local building regulations to determine if they need a permit to install the driveway. Typically, asphalt installation begins with levelling the surface and removing debris. Consequently, the contractor should create a slope or build trench drainage systems to prevent waterlogging on the surface. After this, the professional prepares the sub-base. It is a layer of compacted aggregate that supports the asphalt layer. The sub-base must be tested to ensure it is stable. Undercutting is a sure way to increase the stability of the sub-base and repair soft spots on the sub-base. Once the sub-base is ready, the contractor lays the pours a binder layer followed by the asphalt. Finally, the contractor compacts the asphalt and smoothens the surface. 


What would happen if the asphalt developed cracks, potholes or birdbaths a few weeks after installation? Reputable companies will offer a warranty on their work. Therefore, they will provide free repairs if the asphalt driveway develops defects due to poor installation techniques. It is essential to understand the terms of the warranty. For instance, it could become invalid if you drive heavy vehicles on the driveway. 


Most companies have competitive pricing. However, it would be prudent to compare several quotes before settling on a specific asphalt company. Remember to ask for discounts and look out for additional costs. Contact your bank for a home improvement loan if you cannot afford the installation costs. Alternatively, you could refinance the mortgage to take advantage of its equity. 

When choosing an asphalt company, assess the company's safety techniques, installation procedures, guarantees and pricing.