Reasons to Use Pine Framing in Construction

When working on a commercial construction it is important to stay within budget and remain on schedule. Pine framing helps to keep you on track because of its affordability, easy handling and installation.

There are also many other benefits in using this durable material, and reasons why should use timber pine framing for your next project. Consider these advantages.

Light weight

Pine framing is significantly more efficient than other structural materials since it requires less energy to carry lighter components.

Being lightweight, timber is easy to install and adapt on the building site, which will save you time and money.

Although light in weight timber is surprisingly very strong. Comparing structural lumber to steel and concrete shows that it has a strength-to-weight ratio that is 20% greater in compression and four to five times higher than non-reinforced concrete.

Ideal for pre-fabrication

Prefabricated framing has many time and budget-friendly advantages.

  • When the framing is designed, put together and erected off-site in a factory, the project takes far less time. 
  • As frames are constructed in advance in a controlled environment that is shielded from the elements, there are no delays from adverse weather conditions.
  • Furthermore, since a timber frame can be covered in any exterior material, there are no restrictions on design, size or look. 
  • Working with a non-toxic material is safe because it is manageable, touchable and doesn't release chemical vapors.  

A natural insulator 

Timber is a natural insulator since it is an organic material with a large number of small air pockets that provide a shield from heat and cold. It's a perfect approach to lessen the problem of thermal bridging in your construction because of the natural insulation it provides. 

Thermal bridges, which happen when a building material like a window frame has a higher conductivity than the materials around it, allow heat to go into or out of a structure.

It is important to use a material with low heat conductivity because framing can account for a considerable part of the surface area of the building.

Environmentally friendly 

Timber that has been ethically sourced is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials available. 

Compared to alternative materials such as concrete and steel, it requires significantly less energy in manufacturing. It is also renewable and recyclable. 

Trees naturally absorb carbon dioxide as they grow, in contrast to other frame materials that release it into the atmosphere during manufacture. 

For more info about pine framing, contact a local company.