4 Questions to Ask Shopfitting Companies Before You Hire Them

If you need to fitout a store for the first time from scratch, then you'll need help from a professional shopfitting company. They can get your store ready to trade.

You should take some time to choose the right company for the job. Asking the following questions will help.

1. Have They Done Similar Fitouts in the Past?

While all shopfitters do the same kind of job and share skills, you should look for companies that have worked on similar fitout jobs in the past. For example, a shopfitter that has worked on shops of a similar size to yours is a good bet. They're used to working to your scale.

Shopfitters that have worked on stores in your line of business also bring invaluable experience to the table. Remember that not all fitouts work the same.

For example, a grocery store has different shopfitting needs than a shoe store. If you can find a company that has fitted out stores in your sector in the past, then they're more likely to know exactly what you need.

2. Have They Worked in Your Location Before?

You might also find it useful to work with shopfitters who have worked in your local area already. On a basic level, they'll have knowledge about parking and local subbies.

If you're setting up shop in a mall, then a contractor who has done fitouts in there already is worth a close look. Your mall management company will have their own shopfitting conditions that affect your build.

You'll have to meet these conditions as part of your lease. You'll find it a lot easier to know what you can and can't do if you use a company that has worked on jobs in the mall before.

3. Do They Have a Design Service?

While some shopfitters simply do the fitout work to your plans, other companies offer design services. They might have a formal design department. Or, they might simply be open to giving you advice.

Experienced design advice ensures that your fitout really works for your business and your space. You can work out if what you want is feasible; your shopfitters can also give you useful tips that could make your finished store even better.

4. Can They Meet Your Timeline?

Shopfitters are used to working fast and often at short notice. Many work 7 days a week and in the evenings/at night.

If you have time constraints or special needs, then you need to make sure that the company can deliver on time. So, make sure to check their availability and completion estimates.

To get started, contact some local shopfitting services.