Interior Drawings: A Guide for Residential Building Design

If you are in the process of designing a new home, you may be wondering about the types of interior drawings offered by a residential drafting service. This article explains everything you need to know about the range of interior drawings available. Read on to find out more!

Floor plans

A floor plan can be seen as the primary design of a house and as a physical representation of the overall space. Traditional floor plans include details such as doors, windows, hallways and staircases.

Furniture layout

A furniture layout is used for specifying items such as chairs and tables. Furniture layouts are made to help you plan out the exact position of your furnishings, meaning that you can ensure your new home has a functional layout that suits your own needs.

Electricity schedules

An electrical schedule shows the ways that your home can be wired. It is also possible to add new electrical fixtures such as lights and sound systems to an existing design which will ultimately help you save on costs. It will also help to ensure that the wiring in your home is done correctly. Without correct wiring, your home could pose a serious fire hazard.

Lighting plans

A lighting plan is more than simply lighting drawings — it is a step-by-step depiction of how the light in your home should be positioned and diffused throughout different spaces. Lighting plans also show off the position of bulbs and fixtures in different rooms, which is necessary for planning out the right settings for lighting. Lighting plans cover all major fixtures such as lamps and chandeliers.

Plumbing schemes

A plumbing scheme shows how water will flow throughout different areas of the house — from the kitchen sink through to other living areas such as the bathroom. The scheme should show where pipes are located and where they lead along with any fixtures that may need installing.

Floor covering schemes

A floor covering scheme is intended to show how the flooring and carpets in your home will be laid out, including the location of furniture as well. This can help you to decide on which type of carpet would look best, depending on the room's size and other details.

If you are interested in finding out more, you should reach out to a local residential drafting service today. A member of the team will be happy to discuss the ways in which they can help you to design your home.

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