Why Timber Wall Frames Are Making a Resurgence in the Construction Industry

In this current age when contemporary design is popular among people looking to build their first home, timber has been relegated to a traditional material that is no longer a top construction supply. More and more people are looking toward alternative supplies -- structural steel, in particular -- and this trend may make you think that timber wall frames have no place in your new home construction. However, this is incorrect. Timber still offers a range of advantages that the so-called modern materials may not accord you. Moreover, once you have the timber frame in place, you can still employ wood in the design of your house as well! Read on for three reasons why timber wall frames are making a resurgence in the construction industry.

Timber wall frames facilitate eco-conscious construction

When compared to other materials that are manufactured via industrial processes, wood remains one of the most eco-friendly supplies that you can choose. The production of steel results in copious amounts of toxins being released into the atmosphere, and this has an adverse impact on both the air and the water. Timber wall frames, on the other hand, are sourced from sustainable sources. Responsibly harvested timber comes from farms that will replace the felled trees with new ones. Furthermore, timber can be recycled and repurposed for other projects once they have reached the end of their lifespan for specific projects.

Timber wall frames provide exemplary insulation

Another reason why timber is a perfect material for the construction of wall frames is the inherent ability to provide insulation. The timber is capable of preventing thermal loss and gain from your property, which translates into an energy-efficient property. Secondly, the formation of the wall frames is ample enough for additional insulation to be incorporated into the frame of your walls. Therefore, you can be assured that opting for timber wall frames for your new home will ensure your property will be energy efficient.

Timber wall frames are visually appealing

When you think of wall frames, you automatically picture them being an internal component of the structure that will not be in plain view. Nonetheless, this does not mean that your wall frames should not be attractive. When you opt for timber as your chosen supply, you can incorporate exposed beams to enhance the visual appeal of your home! Therefore, timber wall frames are an ideal option if you are striving toward this aesthetic.