DIY Guide for Connecting Copper Pipes to PEX Pipes

A flawless plumbing system is a necessity in your home. It guarantees a reliable supply of water for all your domestic needs. Additionally, efficient plumbing systems save you money by minimising unnecessary loss of water. Efficiency begins with the material you choose to use for your plumbing system. Sometimes, combining different materials can help you manage costs when installing your plumbing pipes in your home. Copper and PEX pipes work well together. You will benefit from the toughness of copper and the flexible nature of PEX pipes. Here is your guide that will teach you how to connect copper and PEX pipes:

Detach the O-Rings

O-rings are the most popular fittings used to link two or more copper pipes. If you want to connect the copper pipes to a PEX pipe, the process begins with detaching the copper pipe from the O-rings. This will allow you to prepare the lining of the copper pipe and ready it for the new joint with a PEX pipe.

When removing the O-ring, refrain from using screwdrivers or plies. They can easily damage the O-ring. Instead, grab the pipe and one hand and pull the O-ring off using the other hand.

Prepare Your Copper Pipe

After removing the O-ring, you need to clean the ends of the copper pipe. The cleaning process allows you to get rid of grime and dirt that will weaken the bond formed between the PEX and copper pipe. Scrub the end of the copper pipe using sandpaper then wipe off the residue with a clean cloth.

Soldering and Heating

The clean surface of the copper pipe should be ready for the application of the bonding material. Most of the domestic plumbing installations are simple and straightforward. For this reason, soldering flux often suffices as a bonding material. Essentially, the soldering flux comes as a combination of powder metal solder suspended in a thick medium of flux. The flux is a temporary adhesive that keeps the components together and until the end of the soldering process.

Apply the soldering flux around the end of the copper pipe and heat it gently.

Reattach the O-Rings and Fit Your Pipes

After cooling the solder for a few minutes, reattach the O-rings and install the PEX pipe fittings. The combination will leave room for fixing the PEX pipe with a reliable joint between the copper and PEX pipe. Your pipework is now ready for use! For more information, contact pipework installation services.