Two potential reasons why a cat owner should have the trees removed from their garden

If you have a cat that is allowed to go outside and you are experiencing either of the problems described below, you may want to call a tree removal company in your local area and arrange for one of their arborists to cut down the trees that are currently growing in your garden.

Your cat is constantly climbing up the trees and getting stuck

Cats are quite adventurous animals. As such, they will often attempt to climb any large structures that they come across. Unfortunately, when a cat climbs up a tall tree, they will often struggle to make their way back down to the ground.

When this happens, the cat's owner will often be forced to use a ladder to climb up and rescue their pet.

This can be quite a dangerous process, as there is a chance that the cat could, in their state of panic, scratch their owner. This type of pain could disorientate the owner and cause them to stumble and fall off the ladder. A fall like this could result in both the person and their pet being seriously injured.

If your cat regularly ascends the trunks of the trees in your garden and ends up getting stuck, and you are frustrated by how often you find yourself having to risk your own safety in order to retrieve them, then it might be best to simply get the trees that your cat has been climbing cut down.

This will eliminate the source of the problem and thus help to keep both you and your cat out of harm's way.

Some of the trees produce lemons

If one or more of the trees in your garden produces lemons, then it's a good idea to have these particular trees removed.

The reason for this is as follows; lemons contain chemical compounds which make them dangerous for cats to consume. If ingested, these compounds can make a cat experience severe digestive issues.

If there is a lemon tree growing in your garden and some of these lemons fall to the ground, there is a chance that your cat may bite, sniff or lick a lemon, and in doing so, may ingest some of it and become very ill.

In this situation, you may have to pay to have your cat treated by your local vet, which could be very costly and stressful.

Given this, it is best to have any lemon trees that are growing on your property removed in order to keep your pet safe and healthy.

For more information, contact a local tree removal company.