5 Extremely Easy Ways To Improve Home Security

While we might think that crime in general is on the decline across western society (and violent crime is indeed going down) what might surprise us is that burglary and theft is having a slight rise, especially in Australia. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics the total number of robberies recently rose for the first time since 2010. Victims of theft also make up the largest single group of victims of crime in Australia. But do not despair for there are easy steps you can take to minimise your chances of joining these statistics. 

1. Make Sure Your Locks Are Up To Scatch

This seems very simple but you would be shocked to learn how easy it is to open the most common type of residential lock (the cylindrical lock) with nothing more than a hard bump. Contact your local residential locksmith and ask for a quote on how much it would be to upgrade your locks. Remember that thieves are looking for the easiest possible target, if they can't open your door with a tactic that will work on most doors there is a very good chance they will move on. 

2. Keep A Light On When You Go Out

Put simply, most robbers want as little chance as possible of getting caught in the act. If they see a light or two on in the house, then they more often than not will keep looking for an easier target. The risk is not worth it for them, and the small power bill increase is worth it to you.

3. Keep Your Lawn Tidy

Another seemingly odd piece of advice but again it is all about making the robber think you are more trouble than you are worth. A well kept lawn lets a robber know that people are often around to keep it in a good state. By the same token, an unruly lawn can make you a potential target because they will think the house is abandoned for long periods. 

4. Put In A Sensor Light 

A sensor light is an outside light, usually attached above your garage or near your front door, that turns on when it senses motion in the nearby area. Not only are these practical for when you come home late at night and can't find a path to the door, but they can also act as a deterrent for would-be criminals. For you, it's an illuminating light that helps you get inside, but to them, it's practically a floodlight, alerting those around that someone is creeping around the front (or back) of your house. 

5. Get A Dog

While not economically viable for every household, dogs have time and time again ranked as one of the best deterrents against robbery. They are basically a natural alarm system that doubles as a family pet and most breeds will bark the moment they sense something, or someone, untoward is lurking in your house. 

There are many simple ways to improve your home security, these are just five that require minimal effort and expense. Remember that ensuring your door has a good lock is usually the best deterrent and, with an upgraded lock from your local residential locksmith, should keep you safe from almost all robbers and thieves.