Directional Boring: Four Vital Tips for Optimal Drilling Efficiency

Directional boring or horizontal boring is an ideal technique to consider using on your property if you are planning on installing underground utilities. This method is favourable because it is trenchless. In simple terms, you can install conduits, pipes and other similar channels in the ground without having open trenches on your land. This technique will ensure the protection of the landscape, buildings and the general environment. If you are interested in this boring method, you should consider using these tips for optimal efficiency.

Conduct Ground Investigations

You should never commission a directional boring project without understanding the characteristics of the ground. You should know that different areas have diverse soil compositions, drainage levels and surface hardness. If you have detailed knowledge of your land, you can choose the correct drilling tools for maximum efficiency. Moreover, you can develop the best boring method with the help of your contractors. If possible, you should hire a geotechnical engineer for a quick analysis of your land.

Locate Buried Elements Early

The damage of buried elements on your land can cause unexpected project delays and other inefficiencies. For example, if a major sewer line or water supply pipe on your property sustains damage, the consequences can be significant. Your property could become contaminated or flooded, and you might face consequences from the local authorities and utility providers. Therefore, you should not drill blindly. You should hire an expert to locate the underground elements with ground-penetrating radar or similar equipment.

Drill with Fluid

Directional boring can be tough on your equipment, causing accelerated wear. Moreover, if the ground is hard to penetrate, the time required for the project will be extended. Therefore, if you are interested in enhancing the drilling efficiency, you should inquire about using drilling fluid. Drilling fluid will increase the ease of boring hard ground. In addition, the material will protect the equipment, slowing down the rate of wear. However, you should note that the fluid is not appropriate for all projects, especially if the boring distance of short.

Rotate the Pipe

The efficiency of the drilling work can be influenced by the condition of the drill pipe. This component is exposed to high pressure and stress during boring work. Therefore, the pipe will display signs of accelerated wear over time. While you cannot prevent deterioration, it is important to rotate the pipe. This practice will promote uniform wear, ensuring consistency in the drilling process. Moreover, rotation of the pipe will keep the drilling equipment in good condition for longer.