2 Additions That Will Add Natural Light To Your Dark Kitchen

Kitchens are often described as the heart of the home. They're generally the centre of family activity and a space to entertain guests in as well as prepare food. Unfortunately, sometimes their central location can mean that they are somewhat lacking in natural light and may feel like dark and closed in spaces, even during daylight hours.

Having a bright, light and airy internal space is important in modern homes, particularly in the kitchen. Here are two ways that you can dramatically increase the amount of natural light in your home's kitchen.

1. Add a skylight

If your kitchen has very few or no windows that permit natural light into the room, then a skylight may be the ideal addition. They allow light to enter the room via your roof and can make a significant difference to how bright and well lit your kitchen is. They're very unobtrusive and won't require any disruption to your kitchen features or layout.

If the ceiling in your kitchen is directly located along the roofline of your home, then you can opt for window style skylights. These have the added benefit of being able to be opened and closed, which will give your kitchen better ventilation as well as more light.

If your kitchen is located below a ceiling cavity, then a skylight that uses a light tunnel to draw light down from the roof is a better option. The reflective tunnel means that you'll still bring an ample amount of natural light into the kitchen, particularly if you install two or more of the light tunnel skylights.

If you're unsure of what style of skylight would benefit you most, contact local skylight window manufacturers.

2. Add a window splashback

If the main wall of your kitchen that houses your sink and stovetop is an external wall, then adding a window splashback may be a good option. These long yet short windows can be installed to replace your regular splashback in a position that might not be suitable for a larger more traditional window.

If your kitchen doesn't adjoin an external wall, you can still use the splashback area to increase the amount of light in your kitchen. By using mirrored tiles or a mirrored panel you won't add any more light to the room but you will maximise the amount of light that you already have with the highly reflective properties of the mirror.

You might like to include one or both of these ideas to your kitchen to make it a brighter and airier space. Contact your local skylight manufacturer and glass supplier for more information.