Unique Colour Trends to Consider When Repainting Your Interiors

A primary focus that people have when looking to repaint the interiors of the homes is the type of finish that they will use in the different rooms. However, this is not the only decision that you would have to make. Selecting a colour scheme for their home is one consideration that can leave many a homeowner feeling overwhelmed due to the broad selection of hues to choose from. If you are looking for a colour scheme that is both on trend as well as complementary to your interior décor, the following unique colour options could be an excellent place to start.

Black hues

Some people may consider black to be a rudimentary colour that would not make the walls of their interior pop. Thus, shades of black are either completely ignored or only used as minor accents in the space. Nonetheless, there has been a growing trend of using black as the dominant colour scheme in modern homes. Since black is a neutral colour, it provides you with a versatile colour scheme to experiment with as it will easily integrate with the colours of your carpeting, upholstery and more. Moreover, black hues can camouflage any imperfections that your walls have developed over time, especially if you match it with a matte finish. To make the black walls stand out, consider accents of green or yellow that will stand out.

Brass hues

Brass is typically associated with older homes, so people tend to assume it will add a weathered touch to a space. In actuality, brass is steadily becoming en vogue for homeowners that would like to inject a rustic appeal to their interiors. Moreover, brass tends to reflect light, making it a perfect choice if you are looking to make your rooms appear brighter using your choice of paint colour. When repainting with brass, choose colours such as white or grey as your accents. These colour palettes will be able to stand out against the brass paint without overshadowing your colour scheme. Brass hues would also be highly suitable for homeowners that have various brass trinkets and decorative accessories such as brass consoles, brass-lined fireplaces and more.

Red hues

For homeowners that would like warmer colours in their house, hues of red would be a great choice for their residential painting project. The great thing about red hues is they come in a broad spectrum of option from deep crimson to light reddish-pinks that would highlight your walls. Shades of crimson would be particularly beneficial if you are looking to draw visual interest to specific areas of your interiors such as your entertainment enclave.

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