Why the Purchase of a Home Security System Is Only Part of the Story

You only have to pick up the newspaper each morning to remind yourself that the world is a dangerous place. There are so many crooks out there who could harm you or your family. There are other risks in the home environment that you need to pay attention to as well if you're going to safeguard all your loved ones. As a consequence, it's hardly surprising that more Australians than ever are thinking about the installation of a home security system. However, is it a good idea to self-monitor such a system using your smart phone?

Relying on Your Phone

It is certainly true to say that a modern-day smart phone is an amazing piece of equipment. Most people ensure that it is never very far from their grasp, as they rely on it for so many different tasks. Clever software developers have come up with a number of different apps that can plug into a home security alarm system and will provide an audible alert should anything be wrong.

There is one major problem, as this type of approach will only send out an alarm to your individual smart phone and will you always be available to receive it? If you think about it, there are a number of different scenarios that could be not only problematic, but also potentially deadly.

Worrying Scenarios

What if your alarm system detects the presence of carbon monoxide in the family home while you are sleeping? Will you respond to a buzzing smart phone in time, especially if you may have already become somewhat impaired by the silent killer?

What happens if you are away on vacation and may be having dinner with some friends, an occasion that typically requires you to turn your phone onto silent mode? In this case, you won't get the alert at the crucial moment.

Furthermore, if you're travelling and have to call the local authorities from a long distance, they may require you to supply them with an authentication number or in some municipalities, your registration details.

Professional Monitoring

When you think about all these eventualities, it's best to connect your new home security system to a 24-hour monitoring service. They are always alert and can immediately notify the authorities of any problem, while also sending an alert to you as a backup. When you choose this type of safety cushion, your insurance company may be happy as well and may reduce your premium as an extra benefit.

Being Prepared From Day One

Make sure that you talk with a monitoring service when you are choosing your new security system, so that you match up your needs from the outset.

For more information about security alarms and systems, contact a local company.