Two steps to take to ensure you don’t go over-budget during your construction project

If you're concerned about the delays and other problems that going over-budget might cause during your construction project, here are two things you can do to reduce the chances of this happening.

Do your research before hiring equipment

Before you get in touch with an equipment hire company, it's important to ensure that you know exactly how many pieces of construction equipment you will need to carry out your building project. 

If you don't do this and instead choose to simply guess how many forklifts, cherry pickers, bulldozers and other machines your project will require, one of two things could happen. You might end up hiring more equipment than you actually need, which will be a waste of money and could potentially result in your project going over-budget.

Alternatively, you might not hire enough machinery, in which case the progress of your project will be hindered, as you will have to wait for the additional required equipment to be delivered to your site before the construction work can continue. This type of delay could also lead to increased costs which could, in turn, cause you to go over-budget.

As such, it's worth taking the time to determine both the exact type and the exact number of machines that you will need to carry out your construction project.

Prioritise security

If you want to avoid overspending, it's worth allocating a portion of your project budget to securing your construction site. Whilst it might seem counterintuitive to spend money when you're trying to avoid going over-budget, this expense could actually help you to avoid excess expenditure.

The reason for this is as follows; if your site is properly secured, it will be extremely difficult for thieves to break in and steal your equipment, tools and building materials.

If you decide to forgo this expense, you could find yourself having to cover the cost of replacing thousands of dollars' worth of stolen materials and equipment. Unless you have an extremely generous contingency fund, this type of expense would almost certainly lead to you going over-budget.

There are several ways to secure your site. You can hire a security guard to monitor and protect the site during periods when it is not in use (that is, at night and during the weekends). You can also install security fencing around the perimeters of your site, which will make it harder for thieves to gain access to your site, and have an alarm system fitted, so that if a thief does manage to get in, their presence will immediately result in the sounding of a loud alarm that will scare them away.