4 Areas In Your Home That Need Protective Concrete Coating

Protective concrete coating increases the durability of your structures. This is because it ensures that the concrete is not exposed to weather elements which can weaken them. Modern protective coatings also enhance the aesthetics of your concrete structures which makes them attractive and presentable. Below are several areas in your home that need protective concrete coating.

The roof

Many people build houses with concrete slabs as the roof. While such roofs are quite presentable, they easily accumulate water during the rainy season. Once this water collects on the roof, it is gradually absorbed into the concrete, and over time, it will start leaking into your house. This can cause damage to the interiors, the wiring system, and your electronics. In this case, the protective concrete coating that can be applied to your roof is modified bitumen which prevents water from accessing the concrete. If you are thinking of constructing a house with a concrete roof, you can consult with your architect to tilt it slightly. This will ensure that all the water drains off when it rains.

Gate pillars

Most gate pillars are constructed using steel and concrete since they can support the weight of the gate. However, these pillars are often exposed to atmospheric carbon dioxide. Over time, there is a reaction between the concrete and the carbon dioxide. The result is reduced alkalinity which eventually causes the reinforcing steel to corrode. When this occurs, the structure becomes weak, and you might one day find your gate on the ground. To prevent this problem, you need to use anti-carbonation protective coating around your gate pillars. These will protect the pillars from being exposed to carbon dioxide. They are also available in numerous colours and this makes it possible for them to match the shade of your gate.

The laundry room

In the course of cleaning your clothing, some of the detergents will spill on the concrete floor. While you can take this for granted, this has a negative impact on the strength of the floor. This is because some of the liquids used for washing are acidic while concrete is alkaline. Regular exposure of the concrete to these detergents will cause the floor to weaken and eventually it will disintegrate. The best way to prevent this situation is to use a protective concrete coating over the floor and to improve the drainage system of the laundry room.

For additional assistance, you can ask your contractor or a structural engineer on the most suitable protective coating for concrete around your home.