Where to Add Locks in Your Commercial Facility

When it comes to keeping your commercial facility or office secure, of course you know to have very strong locks and alarms on all the doorways and entrances. However, you may not realize that other areas of your facility should also be locked, and should have upgraded locks added regularly, to ensure their security. Note a few suggestions for where to add locks, and when to have those locks replaced, in your commercial facility or office space.

Computer server room

When you think of someone stealing important company data, you may assume that they would use a computer terminal to do this, and you may have passwords set on all the computers in the office. However, if someone were to access a computer server room, this may allow them to more easily steal encrypted files and other information on that system. You also don't want employees in this room if they have no reason to be there, as they may easily damage cables and other such pieces. To avoid these risks, be sure this room is locked and secured and that only qualified personnel have access.

File cabinets and rooms

You may not think that information contained in paper files is very important, but any leak of private information about clients and customers, or about your company's projects and plans, can be very costly. Customers, clients, and even your own employees can often sue a company that does not properly secure their private information. Any leak of your company projects and strategies can give your competitors an edge when it comes to their products, pricing, marketing, and the like. Be sure your file cabinets and a file room are all locked up securely, and change those locks over the years so you know they haven't been damaged by someone trying to access those paper files.

Thermostat and HVAC controls

As with paper files, you may not think that thermostats and the HVAC controls in your building are worth locking up, but consider the amount of money you pay to keep your facility heated or cooled. An employee adjusting the thermostat to their own preference can make other employees uncomfortable and increase your utility costs. Employees also may not realize that the facility needs to be kept at a certain temperature to protect computer equipment and raw goods and materials. Keep thermostats behind a locked box and lock the room to the HVAC controls to ensure your facility always stays at a proper and safe temperature.

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