2 Important Things To Consider To make Your New Garden Shed A Comfortable Space

The garden shed is a much-loved and ubiquitous feature of Australian homes. Uses for sheds are many and varied and range from a humble to storage space through to a glamorous outdoor retreat. Whatever you're planning to use your new garden shed for, it's important to make sure that it's a comfortable, dry and practical space to spend time in. Here are two important things to consider when planning your new garden shed construction.

1. Insulation

Most modern garden sheds are constructed from steel, which is a durable, strong and versatile material for this purpose. Steel is also a very good conductor of heat, meaning that without insulation, external heat or cold will quickly and easily penetrate into the interior of your shed.

Insulation can be as basic as adding reflective foil sheeting to the walls and roof of your shed. This is fine if you only plan to use your shed for storage but if you plan to work or relax in your shed, you may need to go a step further.

You can add prefabricated, insulated panels to the interior surfaces of your shed. This not only makes internal temperatures more comfortable, it will also help to make your shed feel more like a proper garden room with a more attractive and cosy look.

2. Lighting

No matter what your shed will be used for, you'll need it to have adequate lighting for your chosen purpose. This may simply mean choosing a shed that has a single window to help you find the tool or garden appliance you're looking for. If you plan to work or spend your recreation time in the shed, you may need to consider some extra lighting features as well.

Using glass sliding doors instead of solid steel doors will dramatically increase the amount of natural light that enters your shed. You can increase this further by adding one or more skylights to the roof or installing a wind-driven ventilator made from clear acrylic instead of the standard metal variety.

If you plan to use your shed during the evenings, then you'll need to have a safe and legal electrical supply linked to it to power artificial lighting. Talk to your shed construction contractor to find out which is the best option for achieving this in regards to the placement of your shed in your garden and its vicinity to your home's electrical supply.