A Few Common Scenarios When You Should Hire a Land Surveyor

People hire land surveyors all the time when they're dealing with properties, and you may need to hire a land surveying professional, too. If you don't know why or when people commonly hire these professionals, consider these examples; they're all signs that it might be time to schedule a land survey.

You're About to Purchase a Piece of Land 

If you have decided to purchase a piece of land—whether it's an empty lot or a lot that already has a home or building on it—you should have it surveyed. This helps you have a better idea of what you are purchasing, and it can even help you with getting approved for your loan if you are using a loan to make your purchase.

You're Interested in Splitting Up a Piece of Land

You might have a bigger piece of land that you are interested in breaking into different lots. You might only use part of your property and might be interested in selling part of it, for example. Alternatively, you might have invested in a large piece of land, and you might assume you can make more money from it by breaking it into separate parcels. Either way, hiring a land surveyor is going to be an important part of the process.

You're Having a Home Built

If you own a piece of land that you haven't had a land survey done on, and if you are ready to have a house built on that piece of land, then you should have a land survey done before you ever start drawing up the blueprints or before you ever hire a construction company.

You're Adding a Home Addition

If you have an existing home that you would like to add an addition to, you should have a land survey done first. Then, you will know how much space you're working with and will know a little more about the land where the addition is going to be constructed.

You're Building an Extra Structure on Your Property

If you're building a detached garage, an accessory dwelling unit, a gazebo, or just about any other type of outdoor structure, it's typically a good idea to have a land survey done first. In fact, in some cases, it's a requirement.

Of course, people find it useful to hire a land surveyor in a variety of other scenarios, too. These are just some basic examples of scenarios when you might need to make use of the services of one of these companies.

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