3 Reasons to Install Bulk Insulation

If you're installing new insulation in your home or replacing old, worn-out products, then you can choose whether to install bulk insulation or reflective insulation. While reflective products have advantages, bulk insulation may be a better option. Why?

1. Bulk Insulation Works Both Ways

Bulk insulation gets its name because it is thick and padded. Typically, this insulation has pockets inside it which contain air or gases that prevent the throughput of heat or cold. So, if you put a bulk insulation material in your roof space, then it controls the air coming into and going out of your home. When air hits the insulation, it stops its progress.  

This kind of insulation has a two-way operation. So, in the summer, one side of the material stops hot air from entering your home from your roof; the other side stops cooled air from escaping out of the building. In colder months, it keeps heat in and cold out.

This two-way operation is often more effective than reflective insulation. Reflective products use foil to deflect heat away. This type of insulation typically works one way, so it keeps heat out effectively but might not be as good as keeping it in.

2. Bulk Insulation Has Acoustic Properties

If you fit bulk insulation, then you get a thicker layer of material. This thickness doesn't just control temperature; it also has some acoustic benefits. It dampens sounds and prevents them from passing through.

Reflective insulation doesn't typically have any acoustic benefits. It is thinner and needs a layer of air around its reflective side to work correctly. It can't, therefore, keep noise out as effectively as a bulk product.

3. Bulk Insulation Works on its Own

You might imagine that you can leave your insulation to do its job after installation, but this isn't always the case. For example, reflective products don't work as well if they get dusty or dirty. If their reflective coating is dulled, then they don't deflect heat as efficiently.

While the way the installation goes in compensates for this, you may still find that you need to clean the reflective surface periodically if it does get dust on it. Bulk insulation doesn't have this problem. Dust won't affect its overall efficiency.

If you still aren't sure which type of insulation to go for, contact residential insulation contractors. Explain where you want the insulation to go and ask for their advice on the best product to use.